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Group of 6 Chop Chop knives for children

CAD $98.00

Need help preparing your meals? The ”Chop Chop” maple wood knife cuts vegetables and fruits safely and is suitable for children between the ages of 2 to 12. Get it in this convenient and affordable 6 pack.



You have several apprentice cooks to make work? Enjoy this group of 6 affordable knives.

The Chop Chop is a safe knife for children made from maple wood. It is a beautiful, functional, and child-friendly tool to help the little one in your life learn about food preparation and help out in the kitchen.


It’s the perfect choice during this pandemic with everyone spending more time at home by having children help with food preparation. It always works on the weekends or during holidays to get kids more involved.


• High-quality maple wood made in Quebec harvested by maple tree farmers that follow sustainable forest management practices
• Measures roughly 9cm x 9.5cm, or 3 1/2” x 3 3/4”
• Unique combination of natural resin (flax seed oil, vegetal wax, rosemary and lemon oils)
• Complies with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) child and baby standards
• One-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and cracking

The blade is sharp enough for chopping fruits, vegetables, and other kitchen basics, but will not cut into skin.

It is also easy to use, especially for those who are not yet able to hold normal kitchen knives. Your little kitchen helper will be able to take part in meal preparation starting at two years of age with your supervision.

Maple wood is used in all JUstenbois products because it is a naturally durable wood that is highly resistant to splitting. Where other woods can crack and splinter, maple wood remains strong and does not experience fissures, which ensures no pathogenic bacteria can grow within the cracks.


While the Maple Wood Children’s Knife is naturally very durable, you can also ensure its longevity with good maintenance.

To clean the knife, use warm soapy water, and allow it to dry or use a dish towel. Never leave the knife to soak in water, and do not put it the dishwasher.

Should you ever notice the wood starting to dry out, you can apply a coat of vegetable oil to ensure it keeps its suppleness. If the blade begins to dull, use #320 or #400 grit sandpaper to bring back the edge, and follow with a coat of vegetable oil.

Group of 6 Chop Chop knives for children
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