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About us


The short history of JUstenbois:

During a simple meal, there was a piece of wood and an x-acto blade on the table… soon after a knife was born, and a tomato finely sliced! Six months later, twelve families agreed to trade in their metal forks in for our wooden ones. The reactions were outstanding! A year of research and development then followed.

A Team

In 2004 JUstenbois was born. A team of 9 artisans worked on creating maple plates and utensils for your dining room table. These place settings are finely chiseled out of selected cultivated sugar maple trees and have a very long life.

Made in Québec’s Eastern Townships in an equitable and sustainable environment, the products are accessible mostly through local suppliers and on-line.

JUstenbois’ eco-friendly wooden utensils and cutlery products are part of the current cultural awakening for a healthier way of eating.

We are have been developing our expert techniques for over 13 years.

 JUstenbois - qui sommes-nous? ( About us )

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