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The food at its best

Taste - Health - Environment

A charm 3 times a day!
Warm touch of wood, soothing sound to use and beautiful ergonomic curves.
Meets Flavors
Organic, neutral, without the taste of metal and oxidant effect.

We are over 150 000 people to use them
A Quebec-Canada product manufactured mainly by hand

Better lifestyle & ecological

Why not combine pleasure, health, in accordance with values

Our creations reflect better lifestyles. Our maple wood and our manufacturing methods are from sustainable management. Read more.

Long life and low maintenance

Justenbois cutlery, dishes and boards are a long-term investment in response to today’s environmental concerns. With proper care, they have a proven 10-year life, and come with a 1-year guarantee against natural defects and wood splitting.

Unique combination of naturally-occurring resins: Linseed oil, wax, rosemary and lemon. They comply with the standards of the FDA – Food Drugs Administration. With use, ensuring a patina that requires no upkeep.

Recommended maintenance is to wash with hot water and soap, rince and wipe dry or let dry.

New product

coupe-coupeHere is our latest creation: The knife for child “Chop Chop“. It cuts the majority of fruits and vegetables. Ergonomic and comfortable grip. Our maple wood knife is safe for children.
It is in high demand!

Once you begin to eat from these eco-friendly and absolutely gorgeous maplewood plates, bowls and utensils, it will be hard to go back to your standard plates and cutlery.

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I'd give this 6 stars if I could. I'm an amateur furniture maker, so I know excellent workmanship when I see it. The attention to detail on this plate is remarkable. Highly recommended.
- Nicholasrhall
Beautifully made, high quality wooden cutlery! A joy to use, thank you!
- Shortyrei
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The range of products is ideal Justenbois food sensitivity and choices Vegans and Raw Vegan.

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Also, for a person in chemotherapy

It is recommended chemotherapy to facilitate appetite not to eat with metal utensils. Justenbois is for you.

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